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Diverse economies are what drives us

Everyone can play a part in growing our local economies. Choosing to support independent and local businesses is key to creating stable and healthy communities.

for Communities
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We believe in the power of small business

Economic impacts close to home make a difference. From farmers' markets to original boutiques to home-grown restaurants, small businesses keep our local economies vibrant and strong.

Why shop small?
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Entrepreneurs are at the heart of what we do

Together we can change our local economy. Through our creative campaigns business owners become collaborators, customers become advocates, competitors become allies.

for Entrepreneurs

Here’s what we’ve done so far

After successfully launching Small Town Love in our own hometown in 2011, we have worked with community partners sharing the love with nearly 30 communities bringing our heart-centered localist campaigns to small towns across northern BC. In the process we helped over 1200 independent entrepreneurs connect with their communities in new, meaningful and profitable ways.

Here’s what we can do for you

Whether you’re a localist, an economic developer, or a community organization, Small Town Love can help you design effective campaigns and creative local economic initiatives. Our goal is to understand your town's unique challenges and perspective, and to support you in creating innovative projects that build both your community’s business culture and local economy.

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Hi, I’m Amy Quarry

Founder, Small Town Love

I am an entrepreneur, community-builder, graphic designer and localist. I thrive in the process of change-making, collaboration and idea jamming. I love my small hometown, and strongly believe in the resilience of a community built together. Read about our story...

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"Small Town Love helps people experience a social sense of belonging"

Evelyn Towgood, Entrepreneur, Quesnel

"I think the most important result that came out of this amazing community building venture called Small Town Love was that it put the real reason that spending local is so important - the people - front and centre in the hearts and minds of our community. Amy was able to create projects that inspire people to connect. It has helped people on both sides of the transaction, business owners and customers, want to do the right thing. And from there, the love in our small town just keeps growing."

Small Towns = BIG Potential

Coaching and Creating

We provide support and mentorship to localists and community partners who want to build innovative local economy projects in small towns.

Speaking & Workshops

We give workshops and presentations on small business growth, community economic development and innovative strategies for harnessing a strong local economy.

Powerful Tools

We can supply localist organizations and communities with unique online tools to promote and grow successful community building campaigns and marketing programs with heart.

So all this being said,
what is Small Town Love?

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Let's get started

If you are a fellow localist with a heart for growing your small town's economy and helping entrepreneurs thrive, we want to hear from you.

Contact us to schedule a free idea jam with Amy - we can't wait to see what we can create together.