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Small Town Love works with you to help transition economic development activities, community programs and municipal policies toward the new economy. Emerging as a response to over reliance on the resource sector, the new economy represents an emerging vision for a robust and sustainable economy where everyone can participate.

All around us, innovators and entrepreneurs are building cooperative, community-minded businesses as a means to create local economies that are resilient and engaged. We specialize in the principles and practices of “Community Economic Development” and can offer your community the opportunity to diversify and strengthen your local economy.

Coaching & Creating

We provide support and mentorship to localists and community partners who want to build innovative local economy projects in small towns. From one-off idea jams, to long term mentorship, we can help you develop great ideas to bring your vision for stronger local economies to life.

Speaking & Workshops

We give workshops and presentations on small business growth, community economic development and innovative strategies for harnessing a strong local economy.

Website Tools

We can supply localist organizations and communities with unique online tools to promote and grow successful community building campaigns and marketing programs with heart.

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We can't wait to see what we can create together.