What is a Localist?

picture of women holding a basket of food

A localist is someone who understands that real strength comes from community. From sharing, to partnerships, to collaborations and co-working, localists see their neighbours and other businesses as members of their team, not competition. The movement to become more local is about people and communities that want to be healthier, become wealthier and live in a more sustainable community that is kind and inclusive to all people.

Often, localists “vote” with their dollars by supporting local businesses through local purchasing initiatives. Localists can dedicate their spending purse to reduce economic leakage in the community (money spent that leaves a community) by reallocating important spending (banking at a local credit union, buying from locally-owned grocery stores and supporting local artisans for gift buying). Localists encourage their local governments to create a better environment for local businesses because it helps reduce economic inequalities and builds responsive and diverse economies. Localists can also build the economy by sharing experiences of shopping local and supporting our friends and families to do so, too!

Localism matters because it builds safe and healthy communities, supported by local economies that are strong and resilient.

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